About Call42

Call42 was birthed from a desire to see Jesus revealed in the workplace. In 2011 a group of passionate individuals constructed a National Survey (survey) to help identify the obstacles Christians face in living out their calling at work. The findings revealed key issues that were plaguing believers in their day-to-day faith journey at work. It was clear that there was a big need for people to engage on the topic of God at work in a deeper and more meaningful way. Most believers still viewed their workplace and Christianity as two separate worlds. Even though teachings, materials and business groups were available, most didna��t know about them.

As a group of young working professionals, Call42 realised that they were not adequately equipped to meet the needs of Christians in the workplace. There were many questions and not a lot of answers. This resulted in the survey becoming the main topic of discussion between many church leaders, ministries and individuals. Even the media became interested in the findings. From the different discussions it was evident that South Africans were in need of a Kingdom-minded movement andA�liaising A�platform to unite different Christ-centred workplace ministries and churches in purpose and to equip Christians with Biblical perspectives for the workplace. A shift took place in hearts and minds of Call42 and a new strategy was launched in 2013. Call42 is no longer a national workplace survey, it has become a network platform for workplace ministry.

The Call42 team believes that God is in the process of making Himself known to professionals in the workplace. Call42 seeks to confirm in the hearts of individuals and organisations that God will use the sphere of business and skilled labour to extend his Kingdom in this generation.

Many Christians are, however, struggling with the divide between their relationship with God and how that flows together with their worklife. Sundaya��s sermon seems to not really have relevance in Mondaya��s meeting a�� Call42 aims to help bridge this gap.

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