Name and visual identity

Vision & tagline: revealing vocational truth

The Call42 tagline was born in a prayer meeting with the advisory committee. It summarises the main intention of the initiative. This is to see people and organisations released into the freedom of understanding Goda��s true and intended purposes, as well as what it means to be called for a professional career.

With its origin from the Latin verb a�?to calla�?, the term vocation is central to the belief Christians have that God has called each person toward a specific occupation or purpose for which they are created, suited or qualified for. Even outside Christianity, the term vocation is used to convey the sense that a persona��s work is more than just a job, but rather an occupation the person feels strongly drawn to.

Call42 aims to bridge the gap between the sacred and secular divide and want all believers to realise that God wants to use them right where they are at work.


The Call42 name consists of two linked concepts (Call and 42) which combine to communicate the vision and mandate of the initiative.

As per definition, the word call refers to 1) to communicate; 2) a summon, invitation or request to come; 3) to order into effect and establish; and 4) a supernatural experience of divine appointment to a vocation or service.

42 anchors the initiative in a scriptural mandate found in Isaiah 42. Through revelation, this profound piece of Scripture, together with many other Scriptures, became the heartbeat and guide behind Call42.A�A�To read the scripture, click here. To read a testimony on how the name was found, click here.


The two colours of the logo (blue and orange) represent professional work environments. The orange represents the blood and atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the blue His Spirit of living water.

The visual symbolism within the logo relates primarily to the use of horns (shofars). These were used to call on a nation such as Israel (in the Old Testament) and to mobilise specific actions. The shape of the horn also represents a career path. Applied to Call42, a call is being made to working people to bring about action that is in line with the mandate given in Isaiah 42.

The blue and orange colours that flow together symbolise how walking with God and his Spirit coincides with a career path to represent true vocation.