Challenges we address

The challenges that Call42 are attempting to address come from the top challenges identified in the Call42 survey.

Overall challenges:

a�? People still see Christianity and their workplace as two separate worlds
a�?A�Applying the theory behind a purposeful life at work seems to be a major issue
a�?A�Material, initiatives, and business groups exist but people do not know of these
a�? People still see Christianity and their workplace as two separate worlds
a�? In the context of work, people do not understand calling

Some well-defined needs:

a�? At work, therea��s a need for Christian mentors and role models who lead a way
a�? Christians want to know how to live their calling at work practically
a�? People want to hear personal testimonies on this topic of God at work
a�? Books and teaching material on the topic are not readily available or always helpful
a�? Christians do not know how to deal with diverse cultures and viewpoints at work

What are current solutions?

a�? Stakeholders could collaborate and network with current workplace ministries
a�? Learn from examples of Kingdom-focused companies and leaders
a�? Business support groups can assist people to live and apply Christianity at work

Viewpoint of church leaders:

a�? Church leaders do not feel equipped to serve people at work
a�? Church leaders have limited exposure to the reality of work environments
a�? The role of the church is not well-defined in workplace ministry
a�? Church leaders do recognise a need to focus more on serving people at work
a�? Changing mindsets and creating awareness are priorities for workplace ministers
a�? Church leaders still see spreading the gospel the top priority for working people

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