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3-6 studies in small groups of children of a range of indinavir ritonavir doses have shown that indinavir 500 mg m 2 body surface area plus ritonavir 100 mg m 2 body surface area twice daily is probably too high, 7 that indinavir 234 to 250 mg m 2 body surface area plus low-dose ritonavir twice daily is too low, 8,9 and that indinavir 400 mg m 2 body surface area plus ritonavir 100 to 125 mg m 2 body surface area twice daily results in exposures approximating those seen with 800 mg indinavir 100 mg ritonavir twice daily in adults, albeit with considerable inter-individual variability and high rates of toxicity.

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maternal delivery and cord blood indinavir concentrations and their ratios are plotted as a function of the time interval between maternal dosing and delivery in figure 3.

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interestingly, post-partum indinavir exposures were greater than those observed in the historical non-pregnant control population of non-pregnant thai adults receiving the 400 100 mg dose 11, 17 .

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study 028, a double-blind, multicenter, randomized, clinical endpoint trial conducted in brazil, compared the effects of indinavir sulfate plus zidovudine with those of indinavir sulfate alone or zidovudine alone on the progression to an adi or death, and on surrogate marker responses.

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other side effects reported since indinavir has been marketed include allergic reactions; severe skin reactions; yellowing of the skin and or eyes; heart problems including heart attack; stroke; abdominal swelling; indigestion; inflammation of the kidneys; decreased kidney function; inflammation of the pancreas; joint pain; depression; itching; hives; change in skin color; hair loss; ingrown toenails with or without infection; crystals in the urine; painful urination; numbness of the mouth; increased cholesterol; pain and difficulty moving shoulder.

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indinavir plus two anti-rt drugs haart reduces hiv to such an extent that pcr cannot detect the virus in 85 of patients.


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