How do the church and the workplace differ?

In the Call42 survey results one of the challenges identified was that most people still experience a clear divide between church and the secular.  Dr. Mario Denton, an expert in Kingdom business and a well-known public speaker and academic, shed some light on the subject.

Horses vs. Sheep (by Dr. Mario Denton)

In his book “Shepherding Horses,” Kent Humphrey gives a few distinct differences between the church and the marketplace. Most will be surprised by the fact that there are differences between these two worlds, especially because Christianity in South Africa has mostly been focused on teaching people how to worship within a church context. Yet, by acknowledging the differences between the two worlds, effective training of marketplace leaders can take place, which can have a significant effect on evangelism in the workplace.

Humphrey compares workplace leaders to horses.

Workplace leaders, just like horses, live in world of distractions that can easily pull them away from God’s way. Their world is chaotic, filled with temptations, people who are fearful and angry. Most successful workplace leaders are self-sufficient and independent. They have been carefully trained for years to not show fear.  Just like horses, workplace leaders do not shy away from the sword. In fact, many of them thrive on it; they love the thrill of combat. These Kingdom workplace leaders constantly struggle with being in the world, but not from the world.  They love to run wild!  In order to be effective in the workplace, they must understand their gifts and talents, but not rely on them. Some workplace leaders, when they stand in church, feel awkward, as if they do not quite fit in. Their passion is probably aimed at what they do outside of the church walls.

It is only God that can turn an individual  with an independent, stubborn, fearless spirit into one who is submissive, humble, and controlled by the “bit” of the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and work in the world.   Workplace leaders are called to by like Jesus in the world. God chose church leaders as gentle trainers who will help bend the horse’s heart to seek God in his life. Workplace leaders need the church to help them understand the brokenness process, especially with the pitfalls of lust and greed they daily face. Church leaders are called to train wild horses, because if they do, they will see these workplace leaders exert great influence in their communities, helping people to get saved. There is a need for church leaders to gain full understanding of how to properly train a workplace leader to reach his or her full potential, because church and the workplace are worlds apart.  At the end, neither church or the workplace is better than the other–  they are just different.

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