Call42 a�� Divine brand

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Having to come up with the perfect name for any project, initiative or business can sometimes take a week or even a month, and more often than not, you will step on somebodya��s toes. The process, however, goes to a completely different level when you want to allow God to have His say in the matter…how does one go about choosing a name then?

Isaiah Project, Marketplace Project, God at Work Projecta�� one and the same project. What we needed was to find a suitable name for it a�� something that captured the true essence of the project whilst meeting all the criteria necessary for effective branding.

After several brainstorming sessions, a�?Soapbox42a�? almost received the thumbs up. There was, however, something that kept us from using the term. After an in-depth investigation was done, the verdict was out: the meaning of the term a�?Soapboxa�?A� does not align with the principles in Isaiah 42 at all. Standing on a street corner blowing onea��s own trumpet was never part of the equation. So we went back to the heart of Isaiah 42 to look for guidance.

The name a�?Call42a�? arrived on the scene for the first time during a brainstorming session with the projecta��s advisory team a�� the same session in which “Soapbox” was considered. Days later, after our project coordinator prayed and asked God to show her which name He would prefer, a�?Call42a�? was the only name that came to mind. The project leader was, however, still doubtful – “Call42” as name somehow did not live up to the predetermined expectations.

The final confirmation, however, came from a lady in our prayer group which supports the project team. Our project coordinator sent an email to the group, asking for prayers and ideas for the name of the project, not mentioning anything about a�?Call42a�?. About a week later, this lady, who was never informed about the name a�?Call42a�?, replied that she felt Isaiah 42 points to something important. She felt that a�?Call42a�? could be a great name for the project. The whole team were completely astonished and thus came the end of a�?Soapboxa�?.

Our project leader was finally convinced about “Call42″A�as project name when he set aside some quiet time. Reading the Bible, he realised that we had to allow ourselves to be guided by the Spirit. We received confirmation through the work of the Spirit alone, making “Call42″A�the official name of the project.

What about the tagline then? We were looking for a few words to summarise the whole project. It would require of us to thoroughly analyse and consider every aspect about the project a�� somewhat of a challenging task. Or, if we were open for it, we could just use the few words that came to mind during the closing prayer at one of the advisory teama��s meetings. The final tagline: Revealing Vocational Truth.

Exploring the meaning of the words in the tagline a few weeks later, our team was once again astonished by the work of the Spirit. We wanted to know what the term a�?vocationa�? means to the average man on the street. The meaning, it would seem, ties strongly back to Christianity in the days of Calvin and Luther a�� mainly referring to a specific calling received from God. On our own, we could not have come up with better words to encapsulate the deep and rich identity and aim of the project.

Call42 a�� Revealing Vocational Truth.

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