What makes Call42 different to other workplace initiatives?

Call42 is completely independent and interdenominational. This gives Call42 the advantage of operating and connecting with any organisation or denomination without any conflict of interest or red tape. Call42’s independence also allows for open doors in the media and other sectors of society. Call42 is not an equipping organisation but has access to a network of equipping organisations relating to the work environment.

Does Call42 reach and serve the general working public?

Call42’s main focus up to now was to create an awareness among the general public of what God wants to do through their lives at work by communicating the survey results. Currently Call42 is working on Radio programmes and webinars with equipping organisations from our network to develop material that can help equip Christians for the workplace from a faith-based perspective.

Is Call42 a ministry?

Call42 does not see itself as a ministry but as a network of organisations that can connect people with the relevant organisations to address their needs.

Can I contact Call42 for help?

Individuals can contact Call42 for help relating specifically to issues of the working environment. Call42 does not have the answers but will attempt to connect these individuals with the ministry organisations that can address their needs.

Who is part of Call42a��s network?

Ministries and organisations with a specific focus on the workplace. These ministries have different focus areas within the sphere of the working environment.

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