God is the source, revealer and implementer of our calling and purpose

God is the source, the revealer and the implementer of our calling and purpose on earth…

Jesus called all of us to come and die and then to follow Him. This is our primary calling. But the question is, what is my purpose on earth and how do I see what it really is that God calls me to do? Soren Kierkegaard put it this way: a�?The crucial thing is to find a truth which is truth for me, to find the idea for which I am willing to live and die.a�?A� Some people will call this my secondary calling. In other words, what must I do?A� What is my purpose and how do I see what it really is that God calls me to do.

When people seek to know and do the will of God, they ask many questions. Henry Blackaby warns us to be careful not to ask the wrong questions.A� A question often asked is: a�?What is Goda��s will for my life?a�? According to Blackaby, this is not the right question to ask. He thinks a better question is: What is Goda��s will?A� Once I know Goda��s will, then I can adjust my life accordingly – that is to align with Him. The focus needs to be on God, not on my personal life. Understanding what God is about to do where I am, is more important than telling God what we want to do, for Him. It is always the best to do things Goda��s way.

God is rich in mercy and love and has showered his riches on us.A� He has given us the a�?incomparable riches of his gracea�? (Eph 2:7). But in Eph. 2:10 the Bible says:A� a�?For we are Goda��s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to doa�?.A� A�We are saved through faith for Goda��s creative purpose and crafted by a�?Gods workmanshipa�? to do a�?good worksa�?. A�Goda��s deliverance from sin and self-service sets us free to give our lives to good works, to love God, and communicate love to humanity.A� We were not saved for our welfare alone.A� We were saved to serve, and in serving God by serving His human creatures we thus fulfill the destiny for which we were created. a�?We serve people out of God-engendered love.A� It is this that turns drudgery into joy and gives meaning and purpose to our lives, for today and every daya�? (L. Brandt).

You may agree or maybe not with everything said in the previous paragraphs, but the prevailing question remains how to figure out Goda��s calling for your life.A� At the Halftime Institute our experience is that people have to first solve certain issues in their own life in order to figure out their calling and to live a more meaningful and significant life in the process.

People need to solve three big issues: First you need to get clarity about who you are at the core.A� What are your strengths and gifts? What is your God-given passion? This will help you to write a personal mission statement a�� your reason for being or purpose on earth. The second big issue to solve is to create capacity – how can you create extra time, extra money and extra spiritual overflow in order to serve God and others better? The third is to design the context in which to serve – what is the best platform for you to serve?A� In what organisation, company or work environment can you live out your calling best?A� What role in that organisation fits you the best?A� If you think about these three issues you can think of three circles.A� One can call the spot in the middle where the three circles converge, your sweet spot.A� This process is about making eye contact with God, A�joining Him, getting your unique assignment from Him, which He prepared in advance for you to accomplish (Eph. 2:10), and then to go all out with everything you have.

People who live in their calling or sweet spot live a life of significance. In this regard Dallas Willard said: “The critical difference between success and significance is that success has more to do with outcomes I’m in charge of, while significance has more to do with outcomes I’m not in charge of. The beautiful thing about significance is that we resign the outcomes to God. We let a power beyond ourselves take care of them. Success focuses on my action, my control, my outcomes, whereas significance is found in a much larger context. Us personally, should not steer that context, and the step of surrender is crucial because surrender allows me to release the outcome to God’s predestined purposes.

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