How do we serve churches?

Call42 would like to undertake strategic partnerships with a number of churches. Call42a��s heart is to serve the church and to assist its leaders in helping their members who spend most of their time in the work environment to better understand their roles as working Christians. This implies helping to bridge the gap between the sacred and secular divide and equipping believers to live out their God given calling in the working environment, as a starting point.

Church leaders

Call42 aims to build relationships with these leaders on personal level through weekly or monthly interaction. In accordance with the churchs’ needs and the support Call42 can provide, the end result should be to help equip their members to live out their calling practically in the workplace.

Discussion forums & sharing of information

Call42 plans to organise forums for church members that are currently in the working environment or students that are planning to start careers. The following points indicate the process that will be followed and planned outcomes:

– A�Call42 can organise the speakers or facilitators for such forums, including DVDa��s, suggested reading material, etc. where and when needed.
– A�For continuity, the forums should take place every 2-3 months or according to the churcha��s needs, typically being 1-2 hours long.
– A�The church is responsible for providing the venue and promoting the forum to its members.
– A�To share insights gained from Call42a��s national survey and use that for discussion purposes
– A�Call42 intends to provide a monthly newsletter concerning workplace ministry, testimonies and other stories regarding the workplace in South Africa.
– A�All the above will be subject to the guidance or approval of the leadership of the church.

Workplace ministry networking

Call42 has a network of organisations that are involved in ministering to the workplace fulltime. This network will be made available to the church to form part of the proposed forums speakers. In addition Call42 would like to link these ministers with church leaders to reveal their valuable insight on the topic to church leaders and vice versa. Call42 would like to facilitate one-to-one meetings between these leaders to share experience and network with one another.

Success stories
Moederkerk Stellenbosch

Johan van der Merwe from the Moederkerk in Stellenbosch implemented a successful workplace ministry platform in their church. On a monthly basis different working groups come together to discuss challenges pertaining to the working environment. Each month includes a different group e.g. teachers, doctors etc. If you are a church leader you are welcome to contact Johan van der Merwe at 021 883 3458.

Please contact us for more information.