The Network

The Call42 network consists of various organisations and ministries with the main focus of equipping Christians to effectively live out their God given calling in the workplace. Call42 is not an equipping organisation but has access to these organisations through its network. Call42 seeks to provide information regarding workplace ministry and serve as a connecting platform.

Patrick Kuwana from the Crossover Transformation Group is an experienced businessman that led a very successful corporate career in the IT industry as well as co-founding successful businesses. The Crossover Transformation Group is focused on equipping believers in the marketplace with practical tools to fulfill their calling with a great focus on biblical entrepreneurship. 

Since 2003 the institute and rēp have been mobilizing a workforce of business people business competencies for a greater purpose. They pioneered Repurposing Business and have transformed 280 corporations and trained about 400 business people in kingdom business practices. LinkedIn profile

True Africa leadership - CopyDr Mario Denton CEO of Strong Message and True Africa Leadership is the study leader of 160 MBA research projects, has published eleven books and two case studies, has contributed a chapter in book, published six international articles and delivered papers at 32 conferences worldwide. He is an industrial psychologist and international teacher. In pursuit of Christ’s eternal objectives, at True Africa Leadership we equip and encourage business leaders to operate their businesses successfully,                                                                        excel as employees and conduct their personal lives in accordance with kingdom principles.

CBMCCBMC is a network of ministry teams devoted to the process of presenting every man complete in Christ targeted at the Business and Professional Community. We want to turn those whose lives we impact, from every business community in South Africa, into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. LinkedIn profile

The Halftime organization is, in essence, a community of individuals together seeking to support, encourage, learn and accelerate the attainment of a life that is truly significant. Millions of people all over the world and also in South Africa are in their midlife, and ready for the second half of their life journey. Harvard-Met Life study shows that more than half of these individuals want more meaning and significance in the second half. LinkedIn profile

Arbeidsbedieninge logo

Arbeidsbediening is ’n ekumeniese Artikel 21-maatskappy (IMSA) – ’n diensarm van Christelike kerke wat alle mense in die werkplek landswyd ondersteun. Ons werk alreeds in ses provinsies, naamlik Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Noord-Kaap, Oos-Kaap, Vrystaat en die Wes- en Suid-Kaap. Ons bring boodskappe en voer persoonlike gesprekke met mense binne die arbeidswêreld van die Biblia Hawesending, Handel & Nywerheid, Transnet en Vissers.

UntitledMarketplace Leaders Vision: Helping you fulfill God’s Calling and Equipping you to make a difference in the workplace. Mission: Marketplace leaders want to establish Relationships with Christian believers to help those who desire more tools to be effective in their faith walk at work. Marketplace Challenge: Research reveals over 90% of Christians have never been trained to apply Biblical faith specifically in their workplace – where they spend 60-70% of their time. Os Hillman LinkedIn profile

employers for christEmployers For Christ is a workplace ministry for the employer and employee that takes only 30 minutes per week but has eternal benefits… The aim of the ministry is to assist employers and employees with the day-to-day challenges which they may encounter in their work life, family life, community life and spiritual life. The aim is achieved through well trained workers who visit the client for half an hour every week and teach them on a current list of 94 different subjects.


UE Logo - colour (Web size)Unashamedly Ethical is a campaign promoting ethics, values and clean living. We facilitate the forming of local Unashamedly Ethical communities all over the world. Our founder and chairman is South African businessman Graham Power. LinkedIn profile