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minocycline may slow down the progression of disease and provide relief from swollen, tender joints.

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if other clinicians begin using minocycline in clinical practice, whether for early dementia or salvage treatment, it is hoped that objective data is collected so that we can add to our scientific understanding of this agent.

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additionally, the observation of minocycline s effect on lymphocyte and macrophage cultures harboring hiv provokes the possibility of examining its use in patients who harbor multi-drug hiv resistance.

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minocycline is an existing acne medication which is safe, and well-tolerated and it is available for immediate clinical use,.

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however, oral administration of 100 or 300 mg kg day of minocycline to male rats resulting in approximately 15 to 40 times the level of systemic exposure to minocycline observed in patients as a result of use of minocycline hydrochloride extended-release tablets adversely affected spermatogenesis.


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