Letter from Project Head

Call42 a�� Shifting gears in 2013

As we come to the end of 2013, we reflect back on a successful year for Call42. When the announcement was made that Call42 would undergo a SHIFTA�(from a national survey to a Kingdom workplace support platform), we did not anticipate the immense shift that would take place in our hearts and minds. We found ourselves seeking clarity and definition for the Call42 mandate. It was a year in which we were challenged on the vocational truth that we wanted to reveal, as well as the strategy to implement a Kingdom workplace movement. Not only did God shift our thinking patterns and understanding of what Call42a��s mandate is in South Africa, but we also shifted gears.A� We were privileged to get the buy-in and support of Kingdom-minded leaders that will continue endorsing our vision and help equip us with biblical truths.A� Media doors swung wide open to reveal biblical business concepts withA�many radio programmes waiting for us to provide them with content. We also recruited a communication consultancy, Leadwood Consulting, to help launch a national Call42 conversation as well as Gert Roberts to head-up the mobilisation of strategic partners. For more details on what we have achieved this year, please read here.

Many changes took place this year, changes that will not only move us in the right direction, but will also accelerate us in fulfilling our vision to support and help mobilise the Kingdom-minded movement and to help equip believers for their calling in the workplace!

We invite you to join us, to support us and to pray for us. There is a huge expectation for 2014, and we are excited to go from glory to glory!

Have a blessed holiday season.


Wiehann van Zyl