Call42: shifting into a national workplace ministry platform

By Cilnette Pienaar

July 2013

Call42 is a national South African workplace ministry initiative. Originally launched as a national workplace survey in 2011, Call42 is now making the shift to become a national network platform for Christian workplace ministry.

The first phase of the Call42 process was a national survey designed to identify the obstacles that Christians are facing in terms of living out Goda��s calling at work. The results of the survey were made public through a series of direct mail campaigns, media interviews, social media networks, and is published on the Call42 website.

Through this survey process, a wide network of workplace ministers, churches, individuals and media partners have been engaged in dialogue around the primary mandate of Call42: Revealing Vocational Truth (based on Isaiah 42). One of the outflows of the network that has been established via the Call42 survey, was a day-long consultation held with various workplace ministry leaders and church leaders in Stellenbosch during March 2013. From this consultation, a steering committee, currently headed by Gert Roberts and a team of independent consultants, was chosen to guide the next phase of the Call42 process.

Call42 now aims to serve current workplace ministry initiatives by developing a national platform, serving as a central point of communication for workplace ministry in South Africa. The platform will also serve individuals that are seeking to see Goda��s Kingdom come in their own lives and the working environment. One of the outcomes is to connect the needs of people in the workplace with the ministries that are already serving in these areas.

The Call42 platform consists of the following connection portals: The Call42 website a�� (with direct links to existing workplace ministries websites), Facebook,A�Twitter, LinkedIn, regular webinars, a newsletter with information on workplace ministry activities and workplace testimonies (To subscribe to the newsletter, please click here).

Call42 has a three-fold mission: Firstly, to initiate relevant discussion around growing concerns regarding the a�?sacred and secular dividea�? in Christian communities. Secondly, to mobilise interaction between equipping organisations, like churches and workplace ministry initiatives, and Christians in career-orientated work positions. Thirdly, to use the Call42 website and other technological mediums to create an interactive platform for sharing testimonies, news and other information.

For more information on the Call42 initiative, and to discuss possible media partnerships and regular workplace ministry related articles/insert ideas, please contact Steven van Tonder on, A�or visit