Call42 hosts workplace ministers for national consultation

By Cilnette Pienaar

July 2013

On Thursday 21 February the Call42 team hosted a group of influential Christian business people, representing various organisations and ministries from around the country, for a national workplace ministry consultation in Stellenbosch.A�Essentially, the consultation was organised to collectively determine what the next steps should be for marketplace ministry in South Africa, in the light of the Call42 survey results, which can be accessed on the Call42 website.

The aim of the day-long brainstorming consultation was to facilitate open-ended dialogue amongst various organisations and churches that focus on the workplace as a mission field, primarily to discern a collective goal for workplace ministries across South Africa.A�Some of the various organisations and churches that were represented at the consultation included Unashamedly Ethical, Crossover Transformation, Harvest Church – Port Elizabeth, Campus Crusade for Christ, Crown Financial Ministries, Intercape and the Mergon Foundation.

A�Call42a��s Emma van der Merwe opened the day by reading from Isaiah 42, the key scripture that formed the foundation for the Call42 initiative, which has as its mandate: Revealing vocational truth. Call42 started as a national survey initiated by an independent consulting company to find out what people understand about calling, what is hindering Christians from living out calling, and what God is already doing in the workplaces around South Africa. Call42a��s Wiehann van Zyl also highlighted key findings from the Call42 survey, available on the website.

The master-of-ceremonies for the day was Gert Roberts, and the consultation discussions were facilitated by Vonnie Mostert. Speakers for the day included Dion Forster, Mario Denton and Peter Baumgardt.

Various round-table discussions were facilitated around how those who see themselves as marketplace ministers, and those who work within a church context, can work together to equip working people to live more purposefully as Christians in an 8 a�� 5 workday.

Feedback from the intercessors included scripture reference from Isaiah 42:16 and 2 Peter 1:3.

The day was concluded with a strategic feedback session to discuss what those present felt to be the actions needed to see their desired future for workplace ministry in South Africa realised. Proposed actions steps included the establishment of an overarching national network body for marketplace ministries in the country. This would provide access to a unified database and communication network for identifying possible points of collaboration.

Various other practical suggestions were made to move workplace ministry in South Africa towards a more unified understanding of the Body of Christ in this context of equipping the saints for the work of ministry in the marketplace.

The consultation was concluded by Dion Forster in prayer. An invitation was extended to those present to serve on a steering team that would further discuss the implementations of some of the suggestions that were collectively brainstormed during the day.

a�?We consider the day a great success, and more importantly we experience cohesiveness to take the next steps,a�? said Call42a��s van Zyl. a�?We are satisfied that we accomplished the objectives that were set out for the consultation session. We aim to implement the action steps that were discussed on the day, and hope that this will bring more unity among workplace ministers in South Africa to help equip believers to live out their God-given calling at work,a�? he added.

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