Survey results summary

July 2013

The Call42 survey was launched in middle 2011. The Survey sheds light on the issues Christians are facing to live out their God given calling at work. The Call42 survey results are summarised in a series of 8 reports. These reports include the Call42 Demographic, Executive, Church Leader, Student, Kingdom Company(KC) and Marketplace Minister(MM), Working Christians, Concept of Calling and Top Challenges report.

More than 80% of the participants in the survey indicated that they know that God has a purpose or calling for their lives. However, one of the greatest reasons indicated why Christians are not purposefully living their calling at work, is because of a misunderstanding of calling. The above mentioned question was posed to all the respondents of the survey. The A�misunderstanding of calling includes the lack of practical knowledge on how to live a calling at work as well as not knowing what God’s calling is.

“Name one challenge you face living your calling at work”, this was a question posed to over 400 working Christians. The major challenge indicated was the diverse cultures and viewpoints Christians find themselves surrounded by in their working environment. Other challenges included time and work commitments, maintaining a Kingdom focus, understanding of calling and fear.

The survey A�results also showed that, at work, therea��s a need for Christian mentors and role models who lead the way and people want to hear personal testimonies of what God is busy doing in other people’s lives in the working environment. The question arises: who will these mentors be and A�how can they help individuals seeking guidance in the working environment.

Furthermore, church leaders do not feel equipped to serve people at work andA�have limited exposure to the reality of work the environment.A�Church leaders A�however do recognise a need to focus more on serving people at work and the Church is also the place where people hear most about their role in the workplace. The role of the church is also not well defined when it comes to ministering to the working environment.

The above mentioned points from the survey results form some of the challenges that Christians face in the working environment. Call42 will attempt to help address these issues through the newly formed national platform for workplace ministry in South Africa. For more detailed survey results go to the Call42 website.