Testimony: prayer at work

July 2013

About three years ago we started a prayer group in our office. We were 4 -5 people that came together once a week on a Monday morning 15 min before work to pray for a blessed week at work. After a while my office became too small and 15 min before work was too short. Over time we have experienced incredible blessing and currently have our own prayer room, where we get together on Mondays and Fridays over lunch (45 min is far too short). We are completely interdenominational and are learning in love from one another, as God is leading us. We have grown to 15 people that come regularly. On Mondays we have discussions about an essential aspect of Christianity and on Fridays we pray. Last year we also experienced how the Lord emphasized the importance of prayer and fasting, from this a quarterly fast week was born.

Our first theme July last year was Goda��s grace and in October we investigated Goda��s Name (character). January we focused on who am I and what Goda��s purpose is with my life, and on Monday we start our last fast. I have put last in bold because that is how we experienced it last year. God is busy building up a wall within our workplace with four walls. The last wall is salvation. On Monday we start with this a�?commanda��, we are going to pray and fast for the salvation of our top management as well as our family and friends.

During this week we are fasting together from 08:00-17:00 and we are coming together lunchtime and other times if possible to pray, testify and to hear what God is asking of us; for who do I have to send an encouraging email, who is going to get a telephone call to say thank you and just to hear how it is going, and to whom are we going to say a�?can we pray for youa�?. Friday afternoon we are breaking the fast together with communion.

I really want to encourage you to hear from God on how to make a difference in your workplace, and trust Him to show you how to do it.

Last year we had a management conference, with the theme, true spiritual awakening (spiritual development). Honestly, my neck hare stood upright, it was not a safe environment, and we were exposed to many unbiblical practices, but there, many doors were opened, I believe by (Christian) prayer that preceded it. We are really standing in faith for the salvation of the lost, A�and yes it is challenging. Sometimes it seems to me we are far beyond our fire pit, but then I look back and see how God came to show us that His plans are so much bigger and better than we could ever think or dream.

If anyone had told me 12 months ago what would happen in this territory I would not have been able to imagine it and just would of shook my head. It would have been like water rolling off a ducks back, but God made it happen. All the glory and honour to Him and might I never forget how He changes peoplea��s lives in love.