Testimony: faith, grace and humility

July 2013

The testimony of our business is a testimony of faith and grace and humility. We started in June 2009 and we believed that this is the direction God is showing us. The business and the industry were not familiar to us, and what seemed to be the normal process did not proceed as planned.

We had an investor, but the amount was not enough, tried for second investor, and succeeded after heavy negotiations, tried all the financial institutions (banks as we call them) but all of them are willing to help if you are an established business (the time you dona��t need them). In the same period our only financial backup (substantial investment in a fin. group) went under.

In this time we could not pay salaries any more, I took out a last bond (R200 k) on my house to pay all salaries. Needless to say, that was not enough and we felt like a sinking boat. All our fellow workers left and even some took us to court. This was the most unexpected and bad experience I ever had, I felt like being stabbed in the back and was not emotionally in the best condition.

We prayed and asked why God let us suffer so much. We had all the best ideas of starting a Kingdom business and planned to support The Kingdom with substantial amounts. I was in conflict with God due to our circumstances, and could not understand why He let all this happen to us. I even had thoughts and plans of suicide. I was desperate, but God was gracious and faithful to lead us through this time to harvest the fruits of our hard labor.

We (me and my wife) went for counseling several times (she supported me all the time. We were used to a wealthy standard of life and suddenly no incomea��). The Word we got was to go on and press through. This was a very lonely and tough time, but we had a very stable support group a��our church members- who supported us in prayer, gifts and food sometimes. We were without a salary for 13 months. In this time we had several testimonies of Goda��s provision and answering prayers.

Then God added a superior and very talented guy to the company, he is an electronic engineer. We went to see a new investor for bridging capital. He was very interested in investing in our business not with a loan but as an investor/shareholder. He got a prophesy 9 years ago that he would be involved in a patent. So when he heard that we had a patented technology, he was very interested and the meeting was very emotional. We were wiping tears of joy and thankfulness. Our business is expanding by the day, we received international contracts and we have daily testimonies of Goda��s provision and His hand over us and under us.