Current strategy

One of Call42’s goals is to initiate discussions and emphasise the growing concerns regarding the sacred and secular divide. Over the past few weeks Call42 has undertaken various networking and media activities to further address this issue. We are currently undertaking discussions with leaders in Gauteng and KZN to broaden our network in the other provinces in South Africa. As part of this we are helping to mobilise individuals and organisations to take hands and work toward a common purpose of revealing vocational truth.

Over the past while Call42 had interviews on Radio Tygerberg, Radio Namakwaland, Link FM, Kingfisher FM and Radio Pulpit. All these interviews were conducted with the purpose of making people aware of what God wants to do through their lives at work as well as to give feedback from the Call42 survey results. We are also aiming to take take some of the main challenges identified through the survey and to start discussions around these challenges.

In the month of September there are two events taking place: A�a forum for church leaders on 16 September to discuss the role that they can play in equipping their members to practically live God’s call on their lives in the workplace and a business breakfast on 19 September. We are also planning further webinars for working Christians as well as church leaders to help to equip them to implement workplace oriented activities in their churches.