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many serpina1 gene mutations change single protein building blocks amino acids in alpha-1 antitrypsin, which alters the protein s structure.

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in certain embodiments of the invention, alternative correlations of serpina-1 polypeptides and albumin polypeptides with preeclampsia maybe used to determine alternative cut-off values and measurements for diagnosing preeclampsia and or for determining the severity of preeclampsia in a subject.

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hi certain embodiments, the serpina-1 polypeptide comprises the amino acid sequence set forth as edpqgdaaqktdtshhdqdhptfnkitpnlaefafs seq id no 4 .

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methods of the invention may be used to allow comparison of levels of serpina-1 and or albumin polypeptides in two or more samples, taken at different times, which may be used to detect the status of preeclampsia in a subject and allows evaluation of a preeclampsia treatment as well as evaluation of a treatment to prevent the onset of preeclampsia in a subject.


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