The Call42 network platform will provide the following service offerings:

Call42 website:

Mission: Establishing a central communication platform for workplace ministry.
How: Using the Call42 website and technological platforms to communicate all relevant information to the general public and Call42 network.


Mission: Informing our network of the latest initiatives in workplace ministry.
How: E-mail newsletters with testimonies, monthly events, featured ministries and many more.

Social media:

Mission: Creating new thinking patterns and inform our network of the latest initiatives in workplace ministry.
How: Regular postings on Facebook and Twitter and relevant media releases to share relevant information.


Mission: Meet professional needs at work and penetrate professional working networks.
How: LinkedIn group, postings and webinars that provide interactive online training with industry experts or mentors.

Strategic consultation sessions and networking:

Mission: Create unity and mobilise individuals and organisations for effective workplace ministry.
How: Through continuous networking and strategic consultation sessions with workplace and ministry leaders across South Africa.


Mission: Mobilise people and creating awareness of what God wants in our lives at work.
How: Regular forums facilitating discussions on the topic of God at work.

Direct links to existing workplace ministries’ websites:

Mission: Promoting workplace ministries in South Africa.
How: Direct links with logos on Call42 website to workplace ministries’ websites.

Please contact us for more information.