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Prior to initiating tegretol therapy, testing for hla-b 1502 should be performed in patients with ancestry in populations in which hla-b 1502 may be present.

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what are the risks of drinking while taking tegretol.

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you will need to be on tegretol for a long while, some would advocate forever, certainly at least a year.

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drug selection table for bulimia nervosa class drug selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors first-line drug therapy fluoxetine prozac citalopram celexa sertraline zoloft benzodiazepines bzds alprazolam xanax ir and er clonazepam klonopin diazepam valium mood-stabilizing anticonvulsants second-line drug therapy carbamazepine tegretol zonisamide zonegran tricyclic antidepressants third-line drug therapy amitriptyline elavil, endep, vanatrip clomipramine anafranil food and drug administration fda -approved for bulimia nervosa.

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the best response was to tegretol which seemd to really smooth my moods out.


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