Become part of our network and support Call42a��s vision

Anyone can take part in the Call42 initiative. There are several churches and workplace ministries included in the Call42 initiative. Call42 is not bound to any denomination and includes all relevant parties.A�There are various ways to be part of the Call42 marketplace initiative.

Share your workplace vision with Call42:

If you share our vision for the workplace and would like to meet with our team, please contact us! The Call42 team is dedicated to collaborating and strengthening the network to benefit the people we serve. To contact us, click here.

Contribute professional skills:

Contribute your personal A�or your companya��s time and professional skills voluntarily towards furthering the Call42 mandate, such as writing, marketing, advisory, networking, social or multimedia skills in your area of influence.

Make financial contribution:

Call42 has the covering of a registered company and currently employs people on a full-time basis to manage the project, also engaging several people on a voluntary and freelance basis. Call42a��s national scale and planned future phases require additional funds.A�For banking details to contribute financially to the Call42 cause, click here.A�(Details of financial auditors available on request)

Prayer team:

Become part of our prayer team and pray for God’s Kingdom to come in the in the work environment in South Africa. The prayer team will receive regular prayer requests and updates on what Call42 is planning in the future. To become part of the prayer team send an email to