Who we serve

The context of the Call42 initiative is the professional work environment, reaching all role players within this sphere of influence. It is aimed at people whose hearts are to see Goda��s Kingdom come into the work environment.A�The main groups of people considered and taking part in Call42 include:

Students and first-time employees: Call42 wants to prepare and ignite students to have a Kingdom mind-set when starting their careers.

Church leaders and full-time ministers: Call42 recognises the influence of church leaders and ministers and wants to assist in equipping them for service in the marketplace.

Christians working in a secular organisation or business: Call42 aims to recognise the needs of Christians working in secular organisations or companies. These people are spread widely all over the country and form key players in any work-oriented initiative.

Marketplace ministry (individuals and organisations): Call42 partners with individuals and organisations that are specifically called to minister to employees and other role players at work.

Managers and owners of Kingdom companies: Call42 engages companies that explicitly declare a Kingdom mandate. In addition to such a mandate, these companies also conduct normal profitable business just like any secular company would.

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