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I highly believe that the medical community looks at everyone the same,o sense 10 of my patience today were drug seeking, the next person must be doing the same and it s extremely unfair to us patience that really do need these drugs to help with whatever flare up or crises they may be in, yes i do get iv dilaudid along with iv benadryl and iv zofran, despite what others may think about me or what i choose to take to relieve the symptoms i am having at the time, those are the meds that work, and after being sick for over 20 years once you find a med or a condemnation of meds that work, that s what you take, it s very hurtful to be looked down on by nurses that think you re drug seeking, when infact those are the only meds that give you relief and 98 of the time, the nurses and doctors that are thinking this infact have never really been sick,i have allergies to a couple different things and have to be pre_medicated with iv benadryl before the test, just because there are alot of drug seekers out there doesn t mean we all are, each patient needs to be looked at with a blank slate, because every body is different and it s not right to group us all together, and just because someone glanced through a patience history doesn t mean they have any right to judge them.

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The lawsuit accuses gsk of failing to warn about the risks associated with using zofran in pregnancy.

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Zofran should be used with extreme caution in children younger 4 months; safety and effectiveness in these children have not been confirmed.

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