We intentionally connect and interact with one another on different levels.

  • Build authentic relationships amongst ourselves
    • National and Regional Gatherings
    • Joint ventures between partners
    • Sharing of each other’s ministry platforms
    • Opening doors of opportunities for each other
  • Develop communication platforms
    • Monthly joint Skype meeting with a set Agenda of our joint plans and actions
    • WhatsApp group for focussed communication
    • Part time Backoffice who serves as a utility system for the network
    • Quarterly newsletter
  • Prayer Strategy
    • Two-weekly network 30-minute Skype prayer meeting
    • 24/7 Call42 Intersession group on a WhatsApp platform for the workplace and challenges in the country, continent and the world
  • Media strategy
    • Website with basic information about the network.
    • Facebook Page focussing on stories and new thinking patterns and paradigms facing people in the workplace
  • Networking
    • Engage with other individuals, networks, ministries, organisations and initiatives who also seek God in this
    • Part-time Networker (Gert Roberts) to engage on behalf of the network


We avail ourselves to become advocates of the things God wants to change in society.

  • Family
    • Support actions of ministries to restore families within society
    • Conversation about family in the workplace 
  • Reconciliation and healing of the land
    • Reconcile EC

Equipping, Coaching & Mentoring

We are willing to be guided on this journey and to take others with us on this journey.

  • Focussed training and equipping on key themes through the different ministry partners
    • Calling and purpose
    • Stewardship
    • Following Jesus in the workplace
    • Relationships – family and community
    • Character, ethics and values
  • Supporting local churches in equipping people to live out calling in the workplace


WE JOURNEY TOGETHER - We see our Network Activities as a journey together where we align ourselves with God’s Kingdom action in the workplace.

A SPIRIT-LED MOVEMENT - We invite others to journey with us on different levels of commitment and accountability. We embrace the diversity and uniqueness within the unity body of Christ where we allow each other to commit and being accountable as being led by the Holy Spirit.

Within the network people can engage in the following ways:


What makes Call42 different to other workplace initiatives?

Call42 is completely independent and interdenominational. This gives Call42 the advantage of operating and connecting with any organisation or denomination without any conflict of interest. Call42’s independence also allows for open doors in the media and other sectors of society. Call42 is not an equipping organisation but has access to a network of equipping organisations relating to the work environment.

Does Call42 reach and serve the general working public?

Call42’s main focus is to be a platform of organisations and ministries and only reach the general working public through these partners.

Is Call42 a ministry?

Call42 does not see itself as a ministry but as a network of organisations that can connect people with the relevant organisations to address their needs.

Can I contact Call42 for help?

Individuals can contact Call42 for help relating specifically to issues of the working environment. Call42 does not have the answers but will attempt to connect these individuals with the ministry organisations that can address their needs.

Who is part of Call42’s network?

Ministries and organisations with a specific focus on the workplace. These ministries have different focus areas within the sphere of the working environment.